ColdTuna Ultimate Rod Sitter – 8 Fishing Rod Storage Rack

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Price: $27.99
(as of Apr 05,2022 15:28:56 UTC – Details)


ColdTuna’s Ultimate Rod Sitter with Shock Cord Provides the Solution to Those Who Require Rod Storage in A Boat, Motor Home, Camper, RV, Trailer or Any Other Moving Vessel. These High Quality Rod Racks Feature a 3/16″ Shock Cord Closure That Hold Your Rods In Place When Your Going To Your Next Fishing Destination. After mounting your rod rack, simply insert the rod butt into the hole, and the rod tip into the “T” shaped slot. When inserting into the “T” slot, you can either push your rod tip through the shock cord and into the rack, creating a secured hold on your rods, or remove the shock cord, insert your rods into the rack, and then re-secure the shock cord, creating a safety net in case your rods are bumped out of the rack. If you have too many rods to count, this is the perfect solution to get your sticks in order. The multiple mounting options allow you to mount fishing rod racks virtually anywhere. No more tripping over your rods, moving them all around the garage and wondering if the kids are going to bust a tip off your favorite stick. Instead, your rods will not only be safe and secure, but will be displayed nicely as well. Places To Mount Fishing boat, cabin cruiser, above garage door, on garage door, camper, RV, truck bed, tonnu cover, ceiling (overhead storage), wall (horizontal or vertical), closet ceiling, closet door.
Capacity: Secure up to 8 freshwater, saltwater, or fly-fishing rods with the reel still attached.
Mounting Options: Overhead, Vertical, or Horizontal – capable of mounting to a ceiling or a wall, at any angle.
Maintenance Free: No corrosion here. Hot and Cold climates have no impact on these racks.
Module Design: Allows multiple units to be placed next to each other, keeping your rods in a linear formation and providing unlimited fishing rod storage capacity.
Quality: Solid – injection molded unit made of ABS plastic, 1/4″ thick! The 90 degree bend at the top makes these racks very sturdy and allows it to be mounted to virtually any flat surface! All surfaces are smooth – no sharp edges that could damage fishing rods. Shock cord closure acts as a safety net so your rods won’t fall out by mistake.