Brilliant Baby Toothbrush by Baby Buddy from Brilliant Oral Care, Babys First Toothbrush – for Babies 4 Months Old Through Toddlers – 2 Years Old, Clean Whole Mouth, Yellow, 3 Count

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Brushing teeth time will be your child’s favorite time of day with Brilliant Baby Toothbrush from Brilliant Oral Care. Teething & Budding, when baby teeth make their way to the surface, is time for baby first toothbrush. The Brilliant Baby Toothbrush is created for babies age 4 months up to toddlers 2 years old. Brilliant brushes are great sensitive toothbrushes, getting hard-to-reach spaces where food and plaque can remain, causing cavities and other oral issues, important baby needs for first year.

The Brilliant Toothbrush innovative design- a round toothbrush head and soft bristles that go 360˚ around the toothbrush head. Over 10,000 bristles massage gums and clean teeth, tongue, cheek, and gums. Design allows brushing always at a 45-degree angle, where parents can brush without needing to twist their wrist. The toothbrushes can be used with only water, no toothpaste required.

Brilliant Toothbrushes remove twice as much plaque as regular, one-sided toothbrushes when brushing teeth for 2 minutes. Cleaner teeth, brighter smiles. The Brilliant Baby Toothbrush, a beginner toothbrush, establishing good oral care habits that will last. Brilliant babies grow into kids and adults that are Brilliant Brushers. Make sure Brilliant Brushes are included on your registered baby shower listings.